Corporate Vision
DNA & Business Communication Designers
Wherever there is a convergence of people and things, there is a job to be done. When a job must be done and done well, communication is paramount. When we take on a job, we aim to make it our area of expertise. By having a global perspective that is continually improved through discovery and exploration,we will continue to provide the kind of high-quality communication that gets things done right.
DNA & Society Communication Creators
High-quality communication that grows with the times is how you fully tap an individual’s creativity. Creative work gives people the chance to excel, generating both new value and job satisfaction. To see potential fully realized is our ultimate metric of success.
DNA & Culture
Keeping our eyes on the future, adapting with and keeping ahead of the times, actively seeking challenges to the status quo; these are the cornerstones of DNA.
To see a society rich with shared knowledge,
to see our partners realizing their potential,
to see constant growth and evolution within ourselves,
This is why DNA exists.
Company Overview
Company Name DNA
TOKYO OFFICE Hulic-Gotanda BLDG 8F 1-27-2,Nishigotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 141-0031 JP
KANSAI OFFICE 5th floor Itoyoshi BLDG.2-5-9,Dosyo-machi,Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka,541-0045 JP
Chairman Shunji Tagami
Sr.Executive Officer Jin Watanabe
Senior Executive Officer Akihiko Yoshimi
Senior Executive Officer Kazutaka Umezawa
Executive Officer Naoto Maruyama
Executive Officer Toshiaki Nagahashi
Area of Specialty Event Production,Event Promotions
Total Employees 40 people
Founding April, 1985
Capital ¥24,000,000
Bank Mizuho Bank, Ginza
Yokohama Bank, Gotanda
License General Labor Dispatch
Business Permission
No. 13-305188
Privacy Mark No. 10830256 (05)
Security No. 30004011
Construction Interior Finishing
Scaffolding & Earthwork
(General 2) No. 143261
Memberships Japan Visual Industry Guild
Japan Association for the
Promotion of Creative Events