Future of Offline and Online Events
The event industry has changed dramatically in times and in a new way of life. Offline event may become the mainstream of events in the future.The situation has expanded new perspectives of event market to an on-off fusion of event. DNA is constantly ready for an evolving platform, and we are prepared to execute both online events and hybrid events. We will respond to any event by combining the knowledge of offline events accumulated over many years with the knowledge of online events that have been put into account.
Launch of Digital Unit to suit the trend
Foreseeing big changes to the event industry we established a new department to meet the needs of our clients.We will create and distribute online events connecting 1,000 people, 10,000 people, and 100,000 people using "webinar platforms" such as Teams and Zoom.
Responding to changes in value in the world
Platforms used for the online events have evolved tremendously, especially in ease of use. We need to be flexible to meet our client’s needs in the selection of appropriate platforms for the event and any necessary technical support.
One-Stop System
Insights and experience from doing offline events by the production team, online event experience by the Digital Unit, and global communication skills by our Global Unit all coming together to offer a powerful, memorable hybrid event. This is the systems we have established to allow comprehensive production of any kind of event.
DNA will bring new value to event production.
Business Area
Live Streaming Live streaming while shooting and recording. We propose the optimal platform for each event, such as press conferences, artist live performances, symposiums, and panel discussions.
Video Archive Edit the video that has been pre-recorded and distribute it online. Based on our experience from many events, we propose the optimal way of production, recording method, and pre-recording.
System Construction We will adopt an application management system that utilizes the comprehensive CRM platform such as the application system and registration system of the secretariat.
Website We will build a website for various events.
Interactive Communication Style We propose various two-way communication styles such as communication with viewers at online events, presentation style production with speakers, talk live performances, seminars, exhibition experience events, etc.
Virtual Reality We propose online experience events in virtual space. We propose and implement virtual system for exhibitions, showcases, social gatherings, ceremonies, etc.
Alliance DNA has formed an alliance with the TV program production company "Wood Office" to enable optimal production in live streaming and archive distribution.