There’s no substitute for ‘real’ .
From its first appearance on Earth,
up until the present,
and forever onward after that,
life has continued to evolve.

Evolution is in the genes that form DNA,
the chance yet inevitable outcome
of a long line of reiteration
that is passed along to the next generation.

I have always been fascinated
by this ability of DNA
to persist & evolve.

In 2020 the spread of COVID-19 led to massive,
tectonic shifts in the world around us.
The lifestyles we built from the ground up
were destroyed,
and we now constrain ourselves
under harsh new paradigms.

This is especially true in the way we communicate,
where face-to-face has given way to online.
It is a digital transformation of unprecedented speed,
but we are ready to demonstrate the
communication design power
that we, as a company, have long been cultivating.

Because at DNA we believe the most important thing
is a person-to-person connection,
and although online capabilities will continue to improve,
there will never be a replacement for real, physical events.
It may take on an entirely new form but,
the need for a real connection will always remain.

No matter how the times change or evolve,
events will continue to have an element of “real”.
We at DNA are dedicated to connecting people in this real way,
and to stewarding the moments in life that bring real happiness.

Unstoppable evolution is the essence of our genetic DNA,
and the mission we commit to as a company.

We look forward to showing you, now and long into the future.
CEO Shunji Tagami