Communication skills lead to new ideas.
Create a place where customers can talk easily. Communicate, draw out your thoughts, demonstrate professional know-how, and make proposals for the future. Innovative ideas and highly reliable projects that capture the evolving world are born from our production skills.
■Online events
We value the excitement of events in times of this pandemic and after COVID emphasizing in safety and security
We engage in different fields, such as exhibiting at exhibitions, new product launches overseas, and holding commemorative ceremonies. In doing so, we listen carefully to all requests from our client to propose the best plan for our event implementation. DNA planning analyzes how to spread business, products, services, etc. to the market, and deep dives into the target products, target audience, and user psychology from all angles. We will assemble the story while assuming every process in details. No matter what changes the impact of Corona in the 2020s, we will create real excitement with safe and secure event planning.
■Offline events
Planning to convey experiences and excitement even after COVID
Since taking charge of video conferences at the event in 1985, the knowledge that has handled many distribution events is the foundation for our new fields. How do you communicate the real appeal of offline events online? What kind of experience can participants be given? How far can I get it online? With COVID as an opportunity, the way online events should be evolved. DNA designs new communications based on the experience and achievements cultivated in both offline and online events. We will provide ideas that can deliver excitement and experiences as new added value while taking advantage of the characteristics of offline events.