Our strengths are comprehensiveness, teamwork, and propulsion.
The driving force that surpasses time and space is an important factor in event production. Professionals from each department gather to work as one team, sharing the common concept to produce the ideal event.
■Offline events
All staffs demonstrate their knowledge in specialized fields while grasping the overall flow
Production procedure oversees and promotes the content of the event planning in order to steadily implement and operate. Dna is characterized by identifying the "gap between stages" in the production phases to build a smooth flow. Because we understand the overall flow, we are reliable for our onsite staging, operation, project management and secretariat work.
■Online Events
Optimal production according to the purpose and needs of the event
From the early stages of the event, DNA style is to proceed thoroughly collaborating with specialized staff and engineers. We select the best needed platform and equipment for the event. We assign expert engineers who are essential to online events to support as well as to give technical advices.